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How to get high quality flowers at a lower cost

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Charles Angione

How to get high quality flowers at a lower cost

Unless you’re in Las Vegas standing in front of an Elvis lookalike, weddings can be very expensive. This is why it’s important to plan early so you can ensure your wedding day is perfect, but also fits within your budget. One of the most surprising costs associated with your big day can be flowers. So, to help you make the right floral decisions we’ve compiled a list of best practices to make sure you’re getting high quality flowers at a lower cost.

  1. Shop local  - Local businesses are always eager for your business because they’re constantly competing with larger entities. Smaller shops are traditionally more inclined to work with you intimately and offer the best price. Larger companies may not be able to provide you with the same personal attention, and it’s important that your florist is working in your best interests.
  1. Compare quotes from multiple florists – Don’t simply go with the first option you’re presented with. It’s always a best practice to compare pricing between at least two florists. Start your search early and make sure you trust who you move forward with. If you’re in a hurry, run a quick Google search for local florists in your area. You may find the florist of your dreams is just one town over. 
  1. Know the flowers you want in advance and research prices – Come prepared with a list of your preferred flowers and average prices associated with each. This way you’ll be able to determine the level of markup a florist may be charging you. A florist that identifies your knowledge of the products will be less likely to unfairly up charge you.
  1. Understand industry labor prices and be prepared to negotiate – It’s safe to assume we all have some basic knowledge of what goes in to creating floral decor for a special occasion. It’s a meticulous and time consuming task that requires a high level of patience and expertise. This is why some florists charge ridiculous prices for their work. But, understanding industry standards will allow you to push back if you feel as though their quote was too high. Think of it like knowing your credit score before you go buy a car.
  1. Research notable flower vendors or providers – No florist is growing their products in their backyard. Almost everyone uses a preferred vendor to purchase high quality flowers, so it would be wise to research popular and credible vendors in your area and be prepared to offer suggestions if you feel as though your florist’s vendor is overcharging you.

Getting high quality flowers at a lower cost can be tricky, but doing your research in advance will significantly help you make it happen.

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Charles Angione

Written by Charles Angione

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