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Top 5 Most Popular Flowers for Prom

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Charles Angione

Most Popular Flowers for Prom

Prom season is upon us and soon enough kids in high school across the country will be dressing their best to impress their dates. Choosing a suit or a dress can be hard enough, but when it comes to the corsages and boutonnieres there are so many flower options and designs to choose from.

To make it easy on you we’ve taken the liberty of breaking down the most popular flowers for prom.


Most Popular Flowers for Prom

This may be an obvious one. Roses come in all shapes, sizes and colors making them a universal go-to for any wearable floral décor. Because of their diversity it makes it easy to pair them with almost anything. Just remember to remove the all the thorns before wearing!



Most Popular Flowers for Prom

Orchids are another flower that comes in a wide variety of beautiful colors. Their long, thin stems make them easy to incorporate into most wearable designs. Orchids go magnificently with baby’s breath and light greenery.



Most Popular Flowers for Prom

Carnations make a great centerpiece for a corsage. Their large, frilly pedals and circular shape make them fun blossoms to work around. Carnations pair perfectly small white flowers, like Queen Ann’s lace.



Most Popular Flowers for Prom

Freesia’s long, bulb-like flowers make it easy to incorporate many of them in one design. They also come in colors ranging from orange to white, purple and pink. Mix and match all of the color options for a corsage or boutonniere that really stands out.



Most Popular Flowers for Prom

Cornflowers have a gorgeous blue color that most florists use in their floral décor for prom. These flowers not only last several days after being cut, they look incredible and pair with almost any white or off-white flower.

All of the options above look amazing and are each extremely cost effective, making them the most popular flowers for prom.

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Charles Angione

Written by Charles Angione

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